Apeiron is a Greek word meaning “(that which is) unlimited,” “boundless”, “infinite”, or “indefinite”. The name signifies that we do not restrict ourselves to a limited dimensions while conducting research or providing consultancy services.

No. We do not provide business setup services. We concentrate on market assessment pre and post business setup.

We assist you in analysing the market, help understand the market sentiment, competitors, consumer trends and several other factors that might affect your business.

We also have the capabilities to conduct a feasibility study for your business ideathat covers business plan, marketing plan, financial budgeting / forecast and provide recommendation based on the study.

If you are planning to expand your business or implement new strategies, conducting a market research is important. Some of the advantages in conducting market research are

  • Measures your reputation in market
  • Minimizes risk
  • Helps understand your target audience
  • Guides your communication with your customers
  • Identifies new opportunities in market
  • Identifies the problems in business
  • Identifies the current competition

Conducting a feasibility study before setting up the business is vital for any industry. It provides a clear view on the market sentiment of the industry, demand for the product / service, competition in the industry, investment required and a forecast on, payback period, return on investment, cash flow statement and profitability of the business.

It is mandatory that the research and feasibility studies that are conducted are accurate, reliable and valid. A market research company has the necessary data base, tools and techniques to collect and analyse the data. As the saying suggests “Little knowledge is worse than No knowledge”, an inadequate market research reports, will have a negative impact on the business. It is therefore recommended to hire an expert to conduct the research.

Apeiron is an active member of the Largest Market Research Organization, constantly upgrading ourselves with the latest trends and techniques in the industry on a regular basis. Our team is made up of experienced and efficient individuals who are highly skilled in conducting research. We have a competitive pricing strategy in the market with better quality of service. These factors act as our Unique Differentiating Point in the industry.

You can contact us through e-mail or phone. We can arrange a Skype call, phone call or face to face meeting as per your convenience and discuss about your requirements. Once after our meeting, we will assess your needs and prepare a comprehensive proposal discussing the scope, cost and other deliverables. Once you agree on the scope, we will start our work.

There is no fixed cost for our services. They vary based on the scope of work agreed upon. A token payment will be required before we start our work.

The time period once again varies based on the scope of work. It roughly might require 2 – 6 weeks for us to deliver the report.

No. The report prepared will be exclusive for your use and we do not share it with anyone else. We also sign a Non-Disclosure agreement before we start our work. All your business information shared with us will be confidential.

Apeiron has expertise in consulting services to implement the business plan / strategy and foresee a smooth transition in business. We can have further discussion regarding your needs.

Apeiron is always looking out for talented and passionate researchers in Singapore. You can look out for opportunities in career section and apply if there is an opening.

Apeiron Market Research & Consulting specializes in providing Market Research, Statistical Data Analysis, Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Business Expansion, and Business Consulting services.

Yes, Apeiron Market Research & Consulting focuses on providing accurate market and business intelligence reports tailored to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Yes, Apeiron Market Research & Consulting has extensive experience in conducting market research and statistical data analysis. They have worked with government organizations, MNCs, and start-ups, and specialize in these services.